Sunday, July 25, 2010

Infrequent friends...

Do you have friends that you don’t see very often? Do you have friends who live in the same state and city as you but you still don’t see very often? Do you have friends who you haven’t really spent much time with but would love to spend more time with? We do.

Yesterday we had the joy of visiting another church with the Lilydale Adventist Academy Choir. Lynden is a member of the stage band (yes, band camp nerd alert!!!). The highlight of this visit for me was going to be catching up with some friends that we never get to see and who we wish we could see more of.

And so, earlier in the week I sent a Facebook message to said friends to alert them to the fact that we were heading their way. When I sent the message I was worried it sounded like we were fishing for a lunch invite but at the same time I was hoping that they would see the post, know we were coming and invite us to lunch so we could spend time together. Message read, received and invite sent and we had lunch together.

It was such a lovely afternoon! The kids played with their daughter and were so blissfully happy. We enjoyed great conversation, lots of laughs and lots of yummy food.

Our hosts have a pet snake which Em thought was very exciting (so did I!) and we spent lots of time “cuddling” it.

I wonder if when God invented Sabbath he had afternoons like this in mind? I sure hope so because they are fantastic. I wish we lived closer to these friends and could spend more time with them.

They know who they are and we will be returning the favour and inviting you our way very soon!

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