Monday, August 23, 2010

A few funny things...

I have been wanting to post silly things but I haven't had any to that is not to say that I never do anything silly but I haven't really had any funny, silly moments. But all of a sudden I have had a few happen all at the same time.

Ok, first silly thing. It is 4 in the morning and I am making my baby a bottle of formula when I realise that the first scoop of stuff I put in the bottle was a scoop of sugar (which was open next to the bottle of formula - should tidy up before I go to bed LOL)! It was funny even though Ben had to wait longer for his bottle.

Next silly thing. My husband and I would like to go to bed at the same time but it doesn't happen often. The other night I was going to go to bed at the same time as him but was stuck doing something interesting on the computer and when I got to bed the cat had taken my place in the crook of his neck!!! Too late Leanne.

Another silly thing. This is a long term silly thing. When I first met my friend Sarah I could not understand her passion for op shopping. I used to be amazed at what she could get for the price but whenever I went (which was not often and for only a short amount of time) I could only see rubbish and the place smelt like old ladies...But now, finally after 3 1/2 years I am CONVERTED! I am addicted to op shopping so much so that will op shop first to buy clolthes for my girls before traditional shopping. Finally converted and now I am losing my op shopping partner to Queensland.

Another one...being house proud and vacuuming and mopping before my visitors come for an evening and then having to do it again after the visitors leave!

Thinking I could have chocolate/ice cream and coke in the house and not eat it all up!

Putting the ironing board away and thinking it was all done when three more loads of washing were lining up to be dried, folded, ironed and put away!

Getting showered and dressed before I fed Benjamin and spending the day with dried weetbix on me from a breakfast sneeze!

And lastly...I was making quiche for tea a couple of nights ago with a recipe I know off by heart but for some reason it wasn't setting in the oven. I realised that I had put a whole tub of cream in the quiche instead of half a tub...I managed to save the day by spooning the mix in to muffin tins and bake on their own. It turned out ok.

So there are a few silly things I have done lately.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Trying to nap with kids!

Hmmm, it is only 10am and my silly thing has already been ticked off! Trying to nap with three kids in the house.

Ben wakes at about 7 and is ready to go back to sleep at about 8.30. He is not the best sleeper at night and I was awake with him for about an hour and a half last night.

So this morning when he was ready to go back to bed and the girls were asking me to put the tv on I decided to say yes and take advantage of what might be an hour of quiet to try and get 40 minutes of sleep.

Well what a silly idea! Ben has gone down like a champ but my girls who normally stick like glue to the tv when I let them have it on have been restless and wanted a hundred things off me so no sleep for me and now Ben is still asleep, Jess is quietly (what the???) watching a movie and Emily is setting up a game for her and I to play.

I guess I shall just have to wait until 10 tonight to go back to sleep and do it all again....sob, sob, sob.

Chasing the (almost) impossible

My mum had to make an emergency dash to Melbourne to get a re-entry visa because she is going to England next month and is still a British National (even though she has lived here a long time!).

When Nanna Leah comes to visit she ALWAYS brings presents for the kids. This time my mother wanted to buy the girls something called a zhu zhu pet. I had never even heard of these toys until yesterday morning.

My mum had been telling me how popular these toys were and that they sold out quickly and were hard to get but I didn't believe that we would have this problem in Melbourne. How wrong I was!

We popped in to the huge Big W in the city but they were all out of stock and not sure when they would get more in. I picked up something else that I thought the girls would like but mum suggested we try another store on our way home.

I was thinking of heading to Eastland but decided Doncaster might be better. We walked in to Big W and there was ONE zhu zhu guinea pig. It wasn't really a very cute one but it was a zhu zhu pet. This lead us to believe that more were available. I knew we had another Big W at Eastland and I called them to hold one for me but they were out and they advised that we would be hard pressed to get one as even the manufacturer was out of stock!

Isn't it just the way that we always want what we can't have? Just when my mum had decided we would have to settle on something else I felt something inside me click in to overdrive and the desire to purchase these toys (well, mum purchase them!) became greater than good reason!

I then started to call toy stores or stores that sold toys and the story was always the same - out of stock. After about 12 phone calls (really not kidding - I checked my phone log!) I was almost ready to give up but I spotted the sign for Croydon and decided to call one last toy store.

Imagine how surprised we were to find they had two in stock? And not just two in stock but two pretty ones in stock, one pink and one yellow. We told them to hold them and zoomed off to collect them with great joy!

It turned out that this store was also out of stock but a lone box had been misplaced in the store room and only recently discovered and these were the last two in the lost box.

When we came home and gave the toys to the girls we expected them to REALLY, REALLY love them because of all the effort we had gone to buy them. We were not disappointed and I can see exactly why they are sold out and so popular. The girls love them.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Inspired by the theme!

Kym has been my blogging inspiration. I have been enjoying reading her monthly-themed blogs. But when the new month started and there was no new theme or blog entries from Kym and I felt a bit cheated.

Obviously I was not the only one and harrah Kym is now blogging on a new theme, "The Silly Things I Do". I am going to try to blog on this theme. This is the sort of honest revelation that I love....

To start I would love to share something silly that my mother-in-law did recently when she was visiting.

Mum went off grocery shopping for me which was a wonderful gift as I hate grocery shopping. When she came home she eagerly sprayed her room and the bathroom with glen 20 to kill some cold germs her lovely husband was trying to share with her. She then went on to put the rest of the groceries away (she really is wonderful!) and all of a sudden let out a small scream and ran back to her bedroom. She then came out of the room muttering, "stupid, stupid, stupid, that is one off the most stupid things I have ever done"! It turns out she had mixed up two of the items on the grocery list, the green glen 20 spray and a green can of spray olive oil! The bathroom and bedroom were sticky with olive oil spray but at least our frypans weren't slippery with glen 20 spray.

While I don't want this sort of mishap happening in my life every day I do hope this is the sort of funny, annoying, silly things I will fill my blog with this month.