Thursday, August 5, 2010

Inspired by the theme!

Kym has been my blogging inspiration. I have been enjoying reading her monthly-themed blogs. But when the new month started and there was no new theme or blog entries from Kym and I felt a bit cheated.

Obviously I was not the only one and harrah Kym is now blogging on a new theme, "The Silly Things I Do". I am going to try to blog on this theme. This is the sort of honest revelation that I love....

To start I would love to share something silly that my mother-in-law did recently when she was visiting.

Mum went off grocery shopping for me which was a wonderful gift as I hate grocery shopping. When she came home she eagerly sprayed her room and the bathroom with glen 20 to kill some cold germs her lovely husband was trying to share with her. She then went on to put the rest of the groceries away (she really is wonderful!) and all of a sudden let out a small scream and ran back to her bedroom. She then came out of the room muttering, "stupid, stupid, stupid, that is one off the most stupid things I have ever done"! It turns out she had mixed up two of the items on the grocery list, the green glen 20 spray and a green can of spray olive oil! The bathroom and bedroom were sticky with olive oil spray but at least our frypans weren't slippery with glen 20 spray.

While I don't want this sort of mishap happening in my life every day I do hope this is the sort of funny, annoying, silly things I will fill my blog with this month.

1 comment:

  1. I'm laughing for two reasons:

    1. The silly thing is not your silly thing but your mother in law's.

    2. The silly thing is so funny. (And imagining her saying it, just like you described!)