Monday, August 23, 2010

A few funny things...

I have been wanting to post silly things but I haven't had any to that is not to say that I never do anything silly but I haven't really had any funny, silly moments. But all of a sudden I have had a few happen all at the same time.

Ok, first silly thing. It is 4 in the morning and I am making my baby a bottle of formula when I realise that the first scoop of stuff I put in the bottle was a scoop of sugar (which was open next to the bottle of formula - should tidy up before I go to bed LOL)! It was funny even though Ben had to wait longer for his bottle.

Next silly thing. My husband and I would like to go to bed at the same time but it doesn't happen often. The other night I was going to go to bed at the same time as him but was stuck doing something interesting on the computer and when I got to bed the cat had taken my place in the crook of his neck!!! Too late Leanne.

Another silly thing. This is a long term silly thing. When I first met my friend Sarah I could not understand her passion for op shopping. I used to be amazed at what she could get for the price but whenever I went (which was not often and for only a short amount of time) I could only see rubbish and the place smelt like old ladies...But now, finally after 3 1/2 years I am CONVERTED! I am addicted to op shopping so much so that will op shop first to buy clolthes for my girls before traditional shopping. Finally converted and now I am losing my op shopping partner to Queensland.

Another one...being house proud and vacuuming and mopping before my visitors come for an evening and then having to do it again after the visitors leave!

Thinking I could have chocolate/ice cream and coke in the house and not eat it all up!

Putting the ironing board away and thinking it was all done when three more loads of washing were lining up to be dried, folded, ironed and put away!

Getting showered and dressed before I fed Benjamin and spending the day with dried weetbix on me from a breakfast sneeze!

And lastly...I was making quiche for tea a couple of nights ago with a recipe I know off by heart but for some reason it wasn't setting in the oven. I realised that I had put a whole tub of cream in the quiche instead of half a tub...I managed to save the day by spooning the mix in to muffin tins and bake on their own. It turned out ok.

So there are a few silly things I have done lately.

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  1. Oh so cute! They're all so good. But my favourite - putting the sugar into the baby's bottle! Good thing you worked it out (and he guzzled it down quickly because it tasted so good)!